Vintage & ESG Funds

We offer ESG and Vintage guaranteed funds with risk and inflation adjusted strategies, through global diversification and cross-sectorial allocations. 

We also offer low to moderate risk transactions as two thirds of our portfolios are guaranteed and protected through banking securities. 

Vintage Guaranteed Fund 1.0

The Vintage Guaranteed Fund seeks to invest in cross assets from Macquirie and Pimco guaranteed by the ABSA Africa, comprising of two thirds of the portfolio allocation. The remainder one third of the allocation will flow to Health Funds, private REITs and growth equity.

ESG Secured Fund #1.1

The ESG Secured Fund seeks to invest in the S&P ESG index secured by Standard Bank at the Isle of Men. The fund will also allocate about one third to PIMCO notes guaranteed by the ABSA Africa. The remainder one third will be allocated to Health funds, EV value chain, and Bio-Pharmaceuticals.