ESG Funding Facility

CCG Advisory provides an ESG funding facility for Emerging Markets with primary focus to African projects, seeking financial inclusion, human capital development, food security, and energy and electricity access. 

African ESG

CCG works with sustainable foundations to to enhance green and social initiatives, its ethos is to ensure that it promotes impact in its project development initiatives across Africa. 

Renewable Energy funding facility

CCG Advisory supports projects in Africa to develop funding strategies at early stage (pre/post PPA), by supporting in transaction advisory and market placement as well as managing the assets till maturity. 

Fintech and Microfinance funding facility

CCG Advisory supports Fintech and Microfinance projects in Africa in developing funding strategies to support early stage initiatives. Each fintech project is cased as Venture Capital asset which is then valued for funding in capital markets globally. 

Agribusiness funding facility

CCG Advisory supports projects in Africa that have a track record in developing agribusiness including key value chains. Strategies such as private securities placements and LBOs can secure funding for expansion activities. 

Health and R&D funding facility

CCG Advisory supports industrial and pharmaceutical enterprises in Africa, by providing advisory for private placements for existing and running businesses with track record.